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Scars of a Warrior’s Journey

Scars of a Warrior’s Journey

By: Mary Jude Pili

Their scars tell their warrior journey.

“Makita ni bakket ko.”

He has the cut but he can endure the discomfort. He knows that his family will feel the pain the most.

Team Lakay Honorio “The Rock” Banario came to the gym early this morning with all that vitality to train. He was all smiles while swinging those arms and legs robustly, as they warm-up for another solid and hefty Tuesday sparring.

Blood. In a flash, there’s blood. They, our athletes, in all occassions are very careful not to get injured when they work out but all injuries cannot be prevented. Today was that inopportune moment.
Yet, that cut is a self-sharpening torment. It’s a driver to keep grinding. And that would-be-scar? It’s a mark of passion, of dedication, of sacrifices, of how it’s not simple to be a combat warrior. It’s no child’s play. Who says that?

Honorio will be going home to his family later today with stitches on his head. That cut, it will surely bring worries to his family and all he can do is assure them that everything is fine. It’s just a cut, it will heal. The scar it will leave will tell stories. Stories of a great warrior, of “The Rock.”

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