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Team Lakay is extending help: Opening our heart, in our own little way is priceless

By: Janrae Mendoza (Team Lakay Stories)

Video: Team Lakay Multimedia Production Team

LUBAS. A barangay in La Trinidad with agricultural moderation sustained by their natural resources and the residents that are industrious and law abiding citizen, of humbleness and God-fearing qualities.

It was the afternoon of August 24, 2020 when a fire outburst incident happened leaving 16 families without a home with one unfortunate individual that did not make it out alive.

The flame engulfed the location and razed the trees and houses.

Crislyn Tao-ey Ustare, one of the affected residents recalled the time of the fire, where their neighbors house is being burned. It was small at first, so they thought they can still kill the fire. However, the fire became stronger until it was impossible for them to stop it, where she had to leave their house as well.

Reynald Velasco, also one of the affected residents keeps his spirit strong amidst the incident, where he says “we have to move on, because even if we had some loss, we have to move on. This is not all that matters in life, because life has a lot of challenges.”.

Team Lakay Athletes, spearheaded by Coaches Mark Sangiao and Eduard Folayang extended their help to the affected residents. “One advocacy of Team Lakay is to help. Our purpose why we helped the Lubas residents is to spread inspiration to the other people to help as well,” Coach Mark said.

Eduard Folayang says that the Lubas residents impressed him and the Team, as their spirit never waned. They fumbled and fell, but then they got back again. This is one quality of the people of Benguet despite tragedies coming in their life.

“God sometimes allows us to be in this situation so that he can unleash those with great potentials that we have in our life, hoping that we can rise again and will be a great testimony and example to those who would suffer the same,” Eduard said.

The owner of Soo Kitchen SK, Mr. Joey Ahn, also extended his help of pure generosity towards the affected residents. He tells that this will be the spirit of the Team Lakay Foundation.

During tragedies and incidents like this, the extending arms of the brothers and sisters in Team Lakay is shining. The soul of helping and extending the help to others is like a shining ray of hope during the darkest days of our lives. Team Lakay believes that helping others in times of need is not only a quality to be held tight, but to be carried in all the days of our lives.

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