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Good Aimed Predictions of Team Lakay Athletes Adiwang and Eustaquio

Good Aimed Predictions of Team Lakay Athletes Adiwang and Eustaquio

OCTOBER 9, 2020 – One Championship surprised the public with their return with ONE: Reign of Dynasties. It is no question that the Team Lakay Athletes are glued to watching the matches and had their own fare share of predictions with each of the match ups.

In the match up of two-sport World Champion Sam-A Gaiyanghadao defending his ONE Strawweight Muay Thai World Title against Josh “Timebomb” Tonna, Lito Adiwang weighed in on the match.

“Watching Tonna’s previous fights, he has an aggressive forward pressure. And one thing I like about him is he uses his boxing well and has solid combinations that could give the champion problems because that’s one weakness of Sam-A,” Adiwang said. “In Sam-A’s previous fights, I saw him struggle to deal with a good puncher, so that’s one key for Tonna in this fight. He should not let Sam-A dictate the fight. He’s a champion for a reason — he’s very good with the counter. Let’s also not forget that this is in the strawweight division, so for sure Tonna will need to cut some weight, and this is the weight class where Sam-A truly shines.” – Lito Adiwang, Tie Breaker Times.

Lito states that Sam-A should not let Tonna dictate what’s going to happen, noting that being a champion as he is, has reasons.

One other match that Lito Adiwang and Geje Eustaquio had interest in was the fifth-ranked Filipino-Australian flyweight Reece “Lightning” McLaren and Finland’s Aleksi “The Giant” Toivonen match.

To Eustaquio, he is looking forward to this match as this has something to do with his future plans going back to his Flyweight division.

I think McLaren is more experienced when it comes to this competition, but it’s still MMA so we can’t really predict it. If Aleksi can keep the fight standing up and maintain his distance from McLaren, he will win this. If not, then Reece will probably take the fight to the ground and win via submission.” – Geje Eustaquio, Tie Breaker Times.

I can’t wait to watch this fight. Both fighters are good on the ground, so whoever has the better striking will win the fight. Maybe one can also get an early submission when they are both not sweaty and slippery yet. I’ll have to give the edge to McLaren in this bout, I’m giving it to him due to his experience. I see him controlling the fight and winning via unanimous decision.Lito Adiwang, Tie Breaker Times.

Reign of Dynasties have given the fans of Team Lakay and the athletes themselves new things to look forward to, as One Championship returns.

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