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Jonchris Corton – First Fighter of Team Lakay to fight during the Pandemic

Jonchris Corton – First Fighter of Team Lakay to fight during the Pandemic

By: Janrae Mendoza

c. Mary Jude Pili

Because of the ongoing pandemic, a lot of matches have been halted, but this did not make Team Lakay stop in planning and building their athletes and Team Lakay’s Jonchris “Happy Feet” Corton was the very first athlete of Team Lakay to enter the cage for his Flyweight Bout for Brave CF.

Being the first fighter of Team Lakay to fight, JC said he was a little bit pressured.

“I was a little bit pressured and at the same time nervous because we all know that travelling outside your country nowadays is stricter than before and also adding the fear of being exposed in the COVID19 virus,” Corton said.

It is also an undeniable fact that during his match, his Team Lakay buddies were on the news to know what’s happening and how Corton fared against Idrisov. Like his teammates and friends, Corton said that he was very excited and had a lot of memories during his comeback bout.

“Being back to the combat cage was very exciting for me, to be finally competing again, representing our team and our country. Overall, the experience was great and I had a good time with new friends and supporters who have help us during our stay in Bahrain, and I also learned a lot from this fight,” Corton pointed.

Since he is the very first fighter to fight amidst the pandemic, this pushed his teammates to also continue their training and be inspired to keep honing their combat skill.

“Just getting back at the gym and working myself back to the top and keep on fighting harder than the last, keep on training and maintain a good health, training harder and harder. Taking one step at a time,” Corton added, when asked what are his plans and preparations for his future fights.

His match in Bahrain seems to have toughed Jonchris and pushed him to train harder. It is also notable that Coach Mark Sangiao, CEO of Team Lakay is helping him to get back on top.

“When you’re already too tired to fight,fight still. Pick up your gloves and believe that for every strike you’ll make is renewed energy and spirit. Have faith and fight still.”

Mark “The Machine” Sangiao

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